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waiting for spring

Ive been in florida for over a year, and im starting to miss the snow, the summers are so hot, the winters so dreary, but at least spring is fun, i think that is the only season to look forward to down here, tourists, girls, bar hopping in decent weather, surfing, skateing, all that great stuff. Daytona in the winter time is dead as hell. crack heads roaming the streets, hookers scurrying the beach, beggers asking for change and cigarettes, pale skies, and oceans just barely to cold to swim in. im sure if you came from a winter state you would be fine, but being used to the temp in the summer makes a local "not native" a bit on the nipply side. There really isnt too much of a "scene" down here which is way cool, because all the cats are differant, i met a couple of gutter punks, one whom i became great friends with, this kid grew up listening to "the germs" and "bad brains" all kinds of shit like that, but he is into pretty much everything else, the bar scene is getting old fast, there is one Irish pub that is nice "tir na nog" but the chicks there are to stuck up thier own asses to talk to, you gotta go to "mai ti" to find some decent tail, and you gotta go to the rattiest places to get in a decent game of pool, and cheap beer. the only time the clubs are even imaginable are on thursdays, when its 10 dollars all you can drink. but youll only catch me dancing to that trance bullshit when im wasted drunk, and by that time im ready to leave.
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